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  • Are you ready to clarify goals
  • figure out what makes you tick and
  • find more meaning and fulfillment in everyday life?

Learn about the 6 human needs and which ones you gravitate toward the most. Take this knowledge to find clarity, set goals that make sense for your own life, and begin to understand your self and others in ways you've never before thought possible. 

Ginger Dunaway will now utilize her psychology background, spiritual studies, yoga practice and life coach training to help people find clarity, balance, meaning and fulfillment in life through simple yet powerful strategies.

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Ginger Dunaway is a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach 

and is ready to take on new coaching clients.

Please call or text (251) 458-6584 for more information

or to set an appointment.

What our customers are saying

There have been many times on my mat where I ended up sobbing, many times for no reason at all. I always felt such a sense of peace after-wards, like I was letting go of past heartaches and pain that had been trapped inside my body.

-Ginger Dunaway